Light Cycles.

Dark, rainy mornings always put me in a mood. Not necessarily a bad mood, just a more muted, taciturn mood. This morning I was reminded of this beautiful video. Admittedly, I’d love to copy this idea and do something similar for some photos of night riding. But until then, I will just be mesmerized by…

Rapha + Herman Miller

Everyone’s favorite boujee road apparel brand has teamed up with Herman Miller, everyone’s favorite boujee furnishings brand, once again to make a series of unique caps using the famed brand’s patterns. They are supposedly inspired by the southern landscape of Australia. Say what you want about Rapha, I still think they create beautiful items. These…

Nate’s All-City Nature Boy 853 is one TALL bike.

CX is one of our favorite forms of cycling, especially single speed CX. Nate built this up with the folks over at Oak City Cycling in Raleigh, NC. This bike rips! The old school Race Face crankset and those Chris King root beer colored hubs are my favorite parts of this bike! Also, I have…

Giro’s GRINDURO Scotland from the world of Watts.

Everyone’s favorite sad NC resident, Watts Dixon — Revolution Cycles, Greensboro, NC — got the chance to participate in last year’s Grinduro in Scotland. He wrote about his experiences for Bike Rumor, as well as shared some photos. Check out the his foggy experience HERE!   Photo by Satchel Cronk

Already have our first little zine in the works, but would love to create a much more grandiose magazine with contributions from all over, LIKE THIS: ONE DAY! But for now, enjoy this and pick yourself up one from HERE.

Turning on the lights.

Hello, 2018! Let’s see if we can keep this up! Kerry Werner at NCCX in Hendersonville, NC. 2017. Photo by Eamon Queeney