Puking for KASH — a Gold Sprints fundraiser in Durham, NC.

A couple weekends ago, some awesome folks in downtown Durham, NC decided to throw together a Gold Sprints race to help raise money for a K.A.S.H. (Kitchens Against Sexual Harassment). From Carrie, the founder of KASH:

“KASH is an initiative that I started putting together last year. After 10+ years of working in restaurants and kitchens, all while experiencing and witnessing the harassment known as an industry standard, I didn’t want to be quiet anymore. Just because I was currently working in a kitchen where that wasn’t an issue, it didn’t erase the years of stress and anxiety and distrust I accrued at the hands of others in my industry. Something shifted last year, it finally seemed like other people were willing to listen, and were as outraged and disgusted as myself and my friends.The greater idea I’m working towards is called KASH (Kitchens Against Sexual Harassment). The funds collected from these events go directly to building up this initiative. First in the form of pamphlets, distributed to kitchen workers locally, informing them of their legal rights in cases of sexual harassment. We will be printing shirts, and stickers to continue to create conversation and awareness. I will also be organizing a class for owners and managers on the correct way to handle instances of sexual harassment when they arise. I hope to meet more activists and community leaders through these efforts and continue building this into something much larger.  Right now this  is small and local, but it has to start somewhere. I can’t keep watching young girls enter the industry and leave it just as quickly due to this bullshit. Or worse, continue to navigate through it alone, thinking it just comes with the territory”

Several us sprinted our legs off. At least one of us puked outside. Clothes also came off! If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, give us a holler and we will get you connected with someone. If you live in the Triangle area and would like to participate in events like these, keep your ear to the ground! We will also try to keep you updated on such events the best we can!

Eamon took some photos! Check them out.


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