Surly’s new road plus bike, the Midnight Special, is the perfect road bike since it can easily ride off it.

Midnight_Special_7QBP’s Frost Bike was last weekend, and though I wasn’t able to attend this year I did get plenty of exciting information reported back to me about what we can expect in 2018 from the MLPS bike distributor. One thing that I am pretty excited about is Surly’s new Midnight Special. It’s a road plus bike, which is probably something you’ve heard before. Other names for it could be, all-road, any-road, fat-road, choad, and groad. The Midnight Special is a logical move for Surly if you really think about it. For a brand that revolutionized the concept of Fat and Plus, having the Midnight Special take over their Pacer platform — the closest thing to a road bike they make — is such a smart, and obvious, idea.

From Surly: “In the past, the Pacer has been our pavement solution; however, as components, riding styles, and rider expectations have evolved, the Pacer has turned into more of a classic design. The Midnight Special is rooted in the Pacer, with similar geometry and frame stiffness, but it goes beyond that design by offering things like 650b+ tire fitment, flat mount disc brakes, and accessory mounts to bedazzle it with any bells and whistles a rider might want.”


Can someone actually bedazzle one of these frames, please? I would love to own a LTD Ed disco ball version of this bike, or a chrome one. You know, something shiny so that it can, like the song, shine its ever loving light on me.


The stock configuration comes with 650b x 47 wheels and tires, but it can always be built up differently:


Yes, that’s a 27.5 x 2.2 build right there… It’s as if they created a bike that could almost do everything you’ve ever wanted with drop-bars!

For more information about the Midnight Special, follow this link HERE.


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