All-City’s new dirt dropper, the Gorilla Monsoon


It’s been interesting to watch All-City progress into the brand they are today. Many of us may remember the “#partybrand” — do they still even use that hashtag? — of the mid 2000s with their urban track, fixed free, and even a polo bikes. These days they are much more focused on dirt, with a strong emphasis on cross, or cross-style bikes. This past weekend at QBP’s annual trade-show, Frost Bike, they announced their latest, the Gorilla Monsoon, a 27.5 x 2.4″ tired monster cross bike ready to conquer anything you put in its path. It is, as some have said, the Wolverine killer. This is in reference to the immensely popular Soma Wolverine, which was a steel drop-bar monster cross bike with an unmatched (at the time) amount of tire clearance and all the rack mounts. The GM even comes in orange much like the original Wolverine did, though All-City’s take is of course a gorgeous ombre, which I have to say has me wanting one myself. The GM has thru axles, rack mounts, and a crazy amount of versatility. It is really open to whatever you want to do with it.

From All-City: ” Front and rear thru-axles, front and rear rack and fender mounts, compatibility with Surly-8 and 24-Pack racks, stealth dropper post routing, 27.5 x 2.4” tire clearance (650b x 48 with fenders), signature All-City dropouts, E.D. coating for rust prevention, and three water bottle mounts…. Some of you will want to throw 650b x 47c’s in it, that’s cool. The resulting slightly lower BB gives the bike excellent manners when riding with a load and is fully endorsed by us. If you want to run a 700c tire the max is a 42mm tire which will raise your BB by 8mm. 700c x 38 keeps the BB about the same.”

The price for the complete is a cool $2000, which I would say is an amazing value for what you can do with the bike. The frameset is $850.

We will hopefully see one or two down the road at Oak City as it becomes available sometime this summer, but for now just enjoy these photos of it.


Words by Jared

Featured design by Jared

Photos from


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