Cross Withdrawal

Welp. That’s that.

This weekend saw some exciting World Cup action and the new, scratch that, REPEAT champions were crowned after a muddy slog-fest at Valkenburg that I doubt many participants will soon forget.

Unfortunately, cross season has already been over for many in the States for some time now. We are knee deep in the withdrawals period and it hurts. For some reason we are missing weekends of early, chill-filled mornings spent battling for position, trying not to puke and falling down. Did I mention falling down?

To scratch my itch, I’ve spent the last month watching as much new race content as I could find and even re-watching a few gems. The folks over at CXHairs have always been an amazing resource, but re-watching a particular Moment of SVENNESS hit me right in the feels and should probably be required viewing for us amateur racers at the end of a season.

– EQ

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