The Surly Pugsley 2.0


Speaking of Surly, they have just announced the return of their classic Pugsley platform. For those who may not know, it was the first production fat bike, and though it isn’t an extremely popular platform for the southeast (though if global warming keeps making winter colder and more snowy, maybe not?), I still love it and want one so bad. The Pugsley is a legend and should definitely be a museum bike. If you think about it, when Surly released the Pugsley 14 years ago the industry as we know it today changed completely. Not to give them all the credit, as I know a lot of people have been experimenting with bigger tires, different frame geometries, off-road touring, and non-traditional trail bikes, but Surly really took a lot of us off the road and back into the woods as we all have reconsidered the various concepts of, as the folks at District Cycles in Stillwater, OK would say, unlearning pavement.

Looks like this re-release addresses some of the issues of the original while keeping true to its original character. It looks so good and I see a familiar looking bottle! Check more out HERE!


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