Light Cycles.

Dark, rainy mornings always put me in a mood. Not necessarily a bad mood, just a more muted, taciturn mood. This morning I was reminded of this beautiful video. Admittedly, I’d love to copy this idea and do something similar for some photos of night riding. But until then, I will just be mesmerized by this and dream of being in that misty part of the world known as British Columbia.


Video info:

“LIGHT CYCLES began as a dream, developed into a problem and spawned into a burning desire to create something that had never been done before. – “How can we create a Tron Light Bike effect, on a mountain bike?”
Before we began testing, we had no idea if what we wanted to achieve was physically possible with the resources at our disposal. By the time we’d conducted our initial tests, we were all blown away by the results that we went ahead and continued creating this film.

Riders – Neve Abraham, Felix Abraham, Ruben Guibert.
VFX – Thomas Wood
Producer – Mike Gamble
Music – Young Collective: Luxe Gold – courtesy of, –

For any information regarding this video, please contact –”

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