Nate’s All-City Nature Boy 853 is one TALL bike.

CX is one of our favorite forms of cycling, especially single speed CX. Nate built this up with the folks over at Oak City Cycling in Raleigh, NC. This bike rips!

The old school Race Face crankset and those Chris King root beer colored hubs are my favorite parts of this bike! Also, I have been itching to get my hands on those Compass Steilacoom tires for a while now. V. GRIPPY.

Word has it that All-City will be overhauling their whole CX line. The good news is, we can expect some rad new bikes from them in the coming year. The bad news, bikes like this are going to disappear. This one in particular is probably one of my most favorite paint jobs All-City has ever put out. Head down to your local All-City dealer to check stock and get one of these amazing bikes before they are completely gone!

Photos by Eamon Queeney.


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